Share all the emotions of the sky and space with us !

Joining Semeccel means taking your place in a team which shares its enthusiasm for extraordinary and inspiring adventures in space exploration and the epic birth of aviation in Toulouse.

At Semeccel, whatever our field of activity in the company, we all contribute to amazing our audiences with these extraordinary stories.

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Making science as exciting as science-fiction.

That's what the great Stephen Hawking wanted, and that's exactly what we do at Semeccel !

Pleasure for us all is ensuring that, during their entire tour, our visitors are transported by the amazing and inspiring information we introduce to them and that they are excited by the welcome and the environment we offer them.

Semeccel is,

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"I have done all the calculations again, they confirm the specialists' opinion : the project is impossible. There is only one thing left for us to do : do it !"

said Pierre Georges Latécoère before giving birth to the great love story between Toulouse and aircraft.

At Semeccel, we all strive to encourage our visitors to be inspired by the audacity, the ability to surpass themselves, as well as the proficiency and rigour of the pioneers of yesteryear. Their timeless values, the start-ups in Toulouse which, at this very moment, are inventing the aviation of the future claim their legacy. And us too ! Instead of crossing them like the pioneers of the Aéropostale, we often have to lift mountains cheerfully.

" It's Mum's rocket ! "

said little Emilie, nine years old, who thinks that our colleague Julie has her office in the rocket ...

Emilie is, however, quite right. At Semeccel we work in exceptional, pleasant and gratifying environments. And they change all the time, depending on new exhibitions, new facilities, events we organise.

"The pleasure of giving people pleasure"

For 25 years this has been Sébastien's motive, as ticketing account manager in the sales department. And Seb is right !

At Semeccel, all team members are motivated by the satisfaction of lighting stars in the eyes of visitors to Cité de l'espace and L’Envol des Pionniers.

Whether we are in direct contact with the public or we carry out a "back-stage" activity, we all have a responsibility to the customer experience.

And during big events, everyone gets out of the offices to lend a helping hand to colleagues on the ground. A great team which shows its solidarity, its sincerity, its pleasure in accomplishing great things and which feeds on these special moments.

And making unprecedented encounters, of incalculable value, that's another of our privileges !

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